Here is where you will find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.  Please reach out to us if there is anything you are wondering about that is not covered here.

I have never lifted before, am I ready to start with you?

Of course! Kratos has clients in their ealy teens all the way into their 80s.  Most folks come to us with very little lifting experience and are just looking to get stronger.  Every session is led by a coach who will guide you through all the lifts following the Starting Strength progression.  In our Semi-Private and the Group sessions you will find a great community of people to lift with!

Gyms make me a bit nervous...

This gym is not like any commercial gym! The coaches are here to guide you through the lifts and they guide every training sessions.  No machines, and no confusion.  Painless! Also, Yuri is always here if you get a bit overwhelmed.

I am an experienced lifter.  Why do I need you?

Everyone can benefit from an external eye to improve your lifts.  At Kratos, you get highly knowledgeable and friendly coaches to guide you.  Everyone's form can be improved.  In addition to the coaching, we have a number of very strong people lifting here and being around strong people pushes you to be stronger!

I've had some injuries and/or pain, can I still lift?

You should always check first with your physician to see if they recommend physical activity.  That said, we have worked with people with knee injuries, back and shoulder pain and through careful monitoring of their form, they often see a reduction in symptoms of the initial injury, and improved strength overall.  Programs are easily adjusted to account for limiting factors such as injuries or physical limitations.