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Our Approach

Our programs are simple: use a handful of basic barbell exercises aiming to move a little more weight every time you're in the gym. We've successfully made hundreds of people stronger and we can help you!

Our Story

Kratos aims to help everyone that comes in our facility an unparalleled gym experience. We take the guesswork and unnecessary challenges out of the equation by having coaches present at every training session and focusing on just a small number of basic exercises.

Meet the Team

Kratos Strength Systems is characterized by the coaches that lead every session.

Bill headshot

Bill Coyne

Founder & Head Strength Coach

Bill began coaching in 2008 at St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM and founded Kratos Strength Systems in Chicago in 2014. He has competed in powerlifting and strongman since 2006 and has set state records in the squat and bench press.

Dimiti headshot

Dimitri Tsakanikas

Strength Coach, Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach, USAW L1

Dimitri was first introduced to barbell training in 2016. He began using it to rehab injuries accumulated from years of competitive wrestling. Experiencing how well getting stronger worked, Dimitri began training friends and family. He has been an assistant coach with the Triton College wrestling program for the past five years as well as the strength and conditioning coach. He is also the head coach of the Kratos Strength Systems Weightlifting Club.

Alex headshot

Alex Olshannikov

 Strength & Powerbuilding Coach, SSC

Alex discovered Starting Strength in 2014 and was instantly hooked on its clear and focused approach to fitness.  Under Bill Coyne's tutelage, Alex was able to make more strength gains in one year than a decade of lifting weights, kettlebells, commercial fitness programs, martial arts, swimming, running, yoga, and many more.  Alex firmly believes that while training is not easy, it should be simple and accessible to absolutely everyone.  Alex has dedicated himself to studying the Starting Strength method, coaching others, and fostering a passion for strength training and fitness in general.

Chris headshot

Chris DeNardo

Strength Coach

An Evanston native, Chris started barbell training a little over a year ago to maintain his strength and fitness as he transitioned into a new job: stay-at-home dad. He has taken his lessons learned under the bar and applied them to his other job as a personal trainer. With a background in education, Chris has taught youth and adult boxing and martial arts classes, as well as one-on-one instruction. Chris lives with his wife and two children around the corner from an ice cream shop, which is a challenge.

Yuri headshot



Yuri is year and a half-old golden doodle and loves greeting everyone that comes through the door! He is still a puppy but hopes to grow into a well-respected gym dog.

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